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Home Integrity Vision and Values


Home Integrity Strata’s vision is to redefine the future of strata buildings.



Our Mission is to continually innovate, through people, practices and technology, so that strata complexes can not only eliminate maintenance related special levies, but embrace new initiatives that redefine the future of their buildings.





Definition: Integrity is in our name and our nature. We complete all work honestly, diligently, on time, to a high standard.
Why: Enables us to deliver on our own and other’s expectations, without harm.



Definition: To understand, have compassion and resonate with the feelings of others.
Why: So we can align our communication to provide confidence and comfort.



Definition: Working as a team to achieve a common goal.
Why: Together we achieve more and with greater efficiency.



Definition: Passionate about what we do and how we do it.
Why: Attract positive energy and great people to the workplace.



Definition: Create, develop and implement technology, processes and services that improve efficiency, effectiveness and competitive advantage.
Why: We translate ideas into actions that create value, improve efficiency and lead our industry for the betterment of all stakeholders.

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