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Structural Engineering Reports

Structural Defects Reports and Water Ingress Reports in Perth are two specialised service offerings by Home Integrity Strata to help both Strata Managers and Owners repair and maintain their Strata Complexes. 

Home Integrity Strata Consultants provide an independent, unbiased assessment of the issue. Importantly, since we do not provide remediation services, you can trust we will not inflate costs or report on issues for our own gain.

Structural Engineering & Water Ingress Investigation Services

Structural defects and water ingress issues are common problems for many Strata Complexes. We fully understand the cost constraints on property owners and the importance in offering cost effective solutions, whether that be major or minor repair or replacement. 

Our inspections range from individual tenancies through to wider common property concerns with significant structural and/or water ingress concerns.


Engineering Inspection Capability

The Home Integrity Strata team has been involved in a wide spectrum of building and engineering inspections, with more than 25 years’ experience across our team. Our capability in identifying and resolving building issues for our clients is unsurpassed in the industry, and our team brings expertise from building construction, engineering and costing.

Our experience includes general building defect inspections, where we formally identify areas of concern to be repaired, along with detailed engineering inspections which document reasons for failures and rectification strategies.

Rising damp to underground garages of multi-storey structures and water ingress issues under balconies or terraces are common problems we encounter.  There are several strategies to address these issues and Home Integrity Strata can offer professional advice and options to remedy your water ingress or damp issues.  


Why Choose Us?

Our approach is to provide a full-service inspection and reporting solution for our clients. We are the only building inspection company in Perth who provides a suite of experts: including Registered Builders, an in-house Structural Engineer and, through our partnership with Asset Reports, Quantity Surveyors.

We engage with Owners, Property Managers, Strata Managers and Real Estate Agents as necessary to diagnose and document specific defects or overall areas of concern. The final reports we produce are clear, concise and are delivered promptly. Our reports provide cost-effective outcomes to rectify and maintain our the building, providing the best pathway forward for all affected parties. 


Range of Engineering Services

Home Integrity Strata provides the following Engineering Services to clients:

  • Defect investigation and reporting
  • Water ingress investigation and reporting
  • Remediation strategies 
  • Crack stitching solutions for structural cracking
  • Concrete cancer solutions
  • Subsidence solutions
  • Structural adequacy reporting
  • Retrospective council approvals
  • Load bearing wall removal

If you are a Strata Manager or Council of Owners

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