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Strata Conditions Reports and 10 Year Maintenance Plans

Bringing Assurance to Strata Managers and Council of Owners


Home Integrity Strata Condition Reports and 10 Year Maintenance Plans in Perth can allow your strata to fully understand their building maintenance requirements, bringing assurance to Strata Managers and the Council of Owners.

Well maintained buildings hold their value over time and a thoroughly documented and prioritised Strata Condition Report and Maintenance Plan will minimise risks and costs associated with poor planning. As we do not provide remediation services, you can trust we will not inflate costs or report on issues for our own gain.

Section 77 of the Strata Titles Regulations 2019 has brought a swathe of new obligations for Council of Owners, including being personally liable for their management of the Strata Complex. Rest assured, Home Integrity understands these challenges and has evolved a best-in-class service for Strata Owners.

Home Integrity Strata Reports are Compliant, Comprehensive and Cost-Effective

Home Integrity Strata Condition Reports and 10 Year Maintenance Plan will provide you with a forecast to assist with future budgeting expenditure.

Following changes to the Strata Title Regulations 2019, Home Integrity Strata partnered with leading Quantity Surveyors, Asset Reports, to provide a comprehensive assessment of your Strata Complex with accurate cost predictions and can now include Value Engineering initiatives.



All of Home Integrity Strata’s Condition Reports and Maintenance Plans comply with section 100(2A) of the Strata Titles Act 1985 and regulation 77 of the Strata Titles (General) Regulations 2019.

Our Condition Reports and Maintenance Plans have been reviewed and deemed compliant by Sean Macfarlane – Special Council Lavan Legal and co-author of the new Strata Regulation. A copy of this letter can be provided upon request.

Prior to the inspection, a Home Integrity Inspection Agreement (as per Australian Standard 4349.2) will be sent to you. All inspections are performed by an independent Registered Builder and overseen by our in-house Structural Engineer to identify any major defects and safety concerns. All Home Integrity Strata inspectors carry Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Our comprehensive Gold and Platinum options of the Strata Condition Reports and 10 Year Maintenance Plans provide both Strata Managers and Council of Owners with the clarity and forecasting they are seeking on their Strata Building, regardless of the age and/or condition.

Home Integrity Strata has developed a system to either report on the detail that is essential to the Strata Titles Regulations Covered Items, or expand the scope of the inspection to include if required, more than 160 items.  

Through our partners at Asset Reports (Quantity Surveyors), we are able to forecast the Condition Report items plus other important building elements over a longer 20 year period giving great foresight. We are also able to provide Value Engineering services by working with the Council of Owners and Strata Managers on cost-saving and income-producing initiatives.

Cost Effective

Home Integrity Strata have developed packages for Strata Condition Reports and Maintenance Plans to suit any Strata Complex – large or small:

  • Older Strata Complexes
  • Newer Strata Complexes
  • Council of Owners who are looking to maintain their complex to a reasonable standard.
  • Council of Owners looking to invest in cost-saving / income-producing initiatives.

The Silver Package covers the Covered Items of Value that may be included in the Plan with respect to the Strata Common Property, anticipated to require maintenance. These items are:

(a) roofs and gutters;
(b) walls (including retaining walls);
(c) floors;
(d) ceilings;
(e) windows, eaves, flashings, soffits and window sills;
(f) downpipes;
(g) foundations of buildings;
(h) driveways;
(i) footpaths;
(j) steps;
(k) stairs and stair railings;
(l) doors and doorways (including fire doors);
(m) lighting;
(n) storage or plant rooms;
(o) fencing and gates;
(p) balconies, railings and balustrades;
(q) lifts;
(r) ventilation;
(s) fire services, fire alarms and fire hoses;
(t) air conditioning systems;
(u) building and ancillary structures;
(v) utility conduits and services;
(w) garbage disposal;
(x) hot water systems;
(y) electrical systems;
(z) post boxes;
(za) security components;
(zb) swimming pools, spas and pumps or filters;
(zc) water bores and water tanks;
(zd) backflow devices and pumping devices;
(ze) car stackers;
(zf) roof access safety equipment;
(zg) solar and other sustainability infrastructure;
(zh) disability access facilities.

All Strata Condition Reports and Maintenance Plans have budgets attached to each item requiring rectification. Knowing the short, medium and long term costs associated with maintaining a Strata Complex is essential for both Strata Managers and Council of Owners. All items requiring rectification will be prioritised as to when the items should be repaired.

A Strata Maintenance Building Inspection Agreement, as per Australian Standard 4349.2, will be sent to you prior to the inspection. The report(s) will be emailed to you after the inspection and the inspector will call to discuss the inspection findings.

Home Integrity Strata offers 3 Unique Packages for
Strata Condition Reports & 10 Year Maintenance Plans



Recommendations for Strata Complexes Small, Medium & Large

• Basic strata schemes
• Survey strata
• Single tier (3AB)
• No facilities
• Shared driveway
• External lighting
• Residential &   Commercial

• Multi-level schemes
• Shared facilities
• Pool
• Lift(s)
• Fire services
• Mid-tier   developments
• Residential &   Commercial

Recommended for small to medium schemes looking to maintain their complex

Recommended for all schemes looking to maintain their complex to a high standard

Professionals Responsible

1. Structural Engineer
2. Registered Builder
3. Quantity Surveyor

1. Structural Engineer
2. Registered Builder
3. Quantity Surveyor

Fund Forecast Plan

10 Years

20 Years

Additional Inclusions



If you are a Strata Manager or Council of Owners

 Representative with questions, please click here to get in touch.