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Practical Completion Inspections for Builders & Developers

Pre-Handover Inspection Service for specifically for Developers and Builders in Perth.


Practical Completion Inspections


Our Pre-Handover Practical Completion Inspections of residential and commercial buildings identify faulty and defective workmanship and, where required, reference the Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia.

Our professional team will assess the fair and acceptable standard of builder workmanship so that:

  • Defects are identified so a builder and its subcontractors can deliver a quality product to their client(s).
  • Builders and Developers can act proactively to reduce conflict at handover with clients, by resolving issues prior to viewing.
  • Both Developer and Builder can be assured that a project has been built to the required standard.

Our highly trained team comprises Registered Builders, a Structural Engineer and a customer-focused administration team.


Comprehensive Services


Additional services can be provided that include:

  • Liaison with the Builder where required, such as re-inspections to ensure defects are rectified to the appropriate standard.
  • Prepare Defect Liability Reports, designed to be the supporting evidence referenced in the Notice of Proposed Complaint, given to the Builder as a precursor requirement, prior to a formal complaint being lodged.
  • Support and represent clients at the State Administrative Tribunal or Building Commission.


10 Year Maintenance Plans


Home Integrity Strata Condition Reports and 10 Year Maintenance Plans in Perth bring clarity to understanding the building maintenance requirements, in turn bringing assurance to Strata Managers and the Council of Owners.

Well maintained buildings hold their value over time and a thoroughly documented and prioritised Strata Condition Report and Maintenance Plan will minimise risks and costs associated with poor planning. As we do not provide remediation services, you can trust we will not inflate costs or report on issues for our own gain.

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