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The Home Integrity Strata Story

Strata Condition Reports and 10 Year Maintenance Plans in Perth

Home Integrity Strata evolved from Home Integrity Building Consultants after many years successfully helping Strata Managers across Perth investigate building issues which potentially could have been avoided through preventative maintenance.

Home Integrity Strata’s approach perfectly aligns with the two words no Strata Lot owners ever want to hear… “Special Levy”

The team at Home Integrity Strata understands managing and maintaining a Strata Complex to the satisfaction of all stakeholders can be challenging, however through the implementation of a thorough Condition Report and Maintenance Plan, the “surprises” can become less of an issue.

Home Integrity Strata believe it is important to have any Strata Building Inspection performed by an Independent Registered Builder who can identify any major defects and safety concerns.

We provide an independent, unbiased assessment of the property, and as we do not provide remediation services so you can trust that Home Integrity Strata will not inflate costs or report on issues for their own gain.


Home Integrity Strata Gold and Platinum Strata Condition Reports and Maintenance Plans are the most comprehensive available, detailing over 160 items. This level of detail is possible because every inspection is attended by two inspectors, a Registered Builder and a Structural Engineer, to cover all important aspects. 


All Home Integrity Strata Condition Reports and Maintenance Plans comply with section 100(2A) of the Strata Titles Act 1985 and regulation 77 of the Strata Titles (General) Regulations 2019. Our Condition Reports and Maintenance Plans have been reviewed and deemed compliant by Sean Macfarlane - Special Council Lavan Legal and co-author of the new Strata Regulation. A copy of this letter can be provided upon request.


Cost Effective

Silver, Gold or Platinum levels of inspection are available across our Strata Condition Reports and Maintenance Plans. We have developed a system to either report on the detail that is essential to the Strata Titles Regulations Covered Items, or expand the scope of the inspection to include over 160 items for the most fastidious of complexes.

If you are a Strata Manager or Council of Owners

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